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Maxigrip ice studs will increase your safety, save you money in the long run and help you achieve your goal.  Either it is to go safely from A to B, to enjoy a nice ride in the wilderness, to snowplow streets and parking lots efficiently or simply to just do the job.  Maxigrip ice studs are there to work with you.


    • An excellent alternative to snow chains: No more bumpy ride, gentle on roads and vehicle also amazingly lower fuel consumption.  Great when you have clearance problems and won't damage your expensive set of alloys!


    • Maxigrip tire studs are legal in most areas, even on cars. Verify with your local legislation.


    • Reuse your snow studs year after year and then, recycle them. Be environmentally friendly.


    • A walk in the park to fit and remove your studs with our fitting tool included in each box.  Proven fact, checkout this video on youtube : Installing MaxiGrip Ice Studs.


    • Perfectly suited for off-road and working vehicles.


    • Transform your tires into winter tires, save the cost of two sets of tires!


    • The carbide head is hyper resistant and gives superior traction to your vehicule.  Your studs will last for seasons even if you drives on asphalt.


    • Coarse threads keeps the Maxigrip screw in the tire until you choose to remove them.


    • Suitable for driving on asphalt without trashing it.


    • The installation tool fits on all drills and is set to provide an optimal 3mm projection of the stud above the tire' surface.


    • The Maxigrip snow studs leave a minimal mark in the rubber after removal, not invasive on your tires and do not create unnecessary wear & tear.


    • Great for racing vehicle to gain that small edge!
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