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Don’t buy any more winter tires

land-rover-in-snow.jpgSince Bill 42 came into force, we have all had to equip our working vehicles with winter tires from December 15 to March 15. The purpose of this preventive bill is to minimize the dangers of winter driving, but it has also increased our tire expenditures. However, there is an alternative to an extra set of four tires, and it’s much more cost-effective: attaching Maxigrip studs.

Save with Studs

Choose Maxigrip studs and turn your all-season tires into true winter tires. Installation is easy, and attaching Maxigrip studs means you don’t have to buy a second set of tires. In addition, you’ll save significantly on gas compared to snow chains!

Moreover, Maxigrip studs are reusable. You just need to remove them, store them and then re-attach them to your tires when winter comes around again. Maxigrip studs are perfectly suited to off-road and working vehicles.

Do the first few snowfalls seem too light to bother attaching studs to your tires? No need to worry - some Maxigrip studs are resistant enough to be used on asphalt! The tips are made of carbide, and are thus extremely strong. Maxigrip studs are therefore durable enough to be used on asphalt for several seasons.

Advantages of Studs

Maxigrip studs offer a number of other advantages. With their coarse thread, they stay in place, but won’t damage your tires. Each Maxigrip stud leaves only a slight mark on the rubber. Tire wear is therefore minimized, and the risk of shredding is very significantly reduced. As for your set of alloy rims, don’t worry about losing this investment! Maxigrip studs will not damage them.

In addition, Maxigrip studs are easy to install. Each set is sold with an installation tool to help in attaching and removing the studs. It is calibrated to provide an optimal 3 mm maximum projection of the stud above the tire’s surface. This tool fits on any drill.

Winter Tires and Studs

In conclusion, don’t forget that Bill 42 will soon impact LTs (light trucks). In fact, as already announced, winter tires will be obligatory as of 2014 on all LT-type vehicles. Be prepared!

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